Sunday, 18 January 2015

Futuristic shrubbery.

Got the four curved panels finished today, sort of doing these in the evenings and weekends at the moment. Really bought home the KISS approach to working as it doesn't get more simple than cutting kerfs screwing the sheet of ply to the former with a batten then bending it over said former and screwing another batten to it to hold it in place whilst the epoxy kicks.

Suffice to say got them all made over a weeks worth of evenings and with the exception of one cracking all went surprisingly smooth, the one that did crack got repaired and is fine to use. I spent this morning - be it not for very long as its just above freezing - in the shed trimming up the veneer i backed them all on so they're ready for use.

Was abit taken aback by the shite quality of the marine ply as the one that broke had more voids in it than i've ever seen before, still this is the new future where standards of manufacture are, well anything but standard.

The plan is to start getting the modules made and clamped in the shop and then dry-fitted onboard although the companionway opening is 800mm at its biggest point so i have to be careful of what can be made outside the boat, the plan is then to get the starboard side in and accomodations made for the relavent appliances.

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