Sunday, 25 January 2015

Written piece

Paid work seems to be fizzling out already so decided to get on veneering the rest of the components pertinent to the companionway, trouble is its below freezing all the time so wasn't entirely surprised to see a few bubbles in a couple of the pieces.

All got sorted with the aid of a steam iron to re-activate the PVA which it did, i then rounded off by getting the first half of the finished floor surface down which went swimmingly so i now have a gentle curve to the floor which i will complete tomorrow and then i can install the seacocks and then the joinery.


Derek said...

It's going well Roger. Sorry to hear about the paid work though. I'm back at the grindstone tomorrow for the first time this year. Can't say I'm looking forward to It.

roger ball said...

Cheers, its just the way it is, got work to goto later on in Feb but nothing next week.
I imagine you'll be starting back on your boat soon?