Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Full ahead pause.

Have cut the ply to make the various modules for the starboard side of the saloon but its just too cold and too expensive to heat the resin to make it usable so decided to amuse myself solving another problem that luckily didn't involve epoxy or the boat.

I believe the 'kids' call it 'hacking' where you take a piece of furniture and re-purpose it to make something else, there's even a site called ikeahackers.net to display your creations - i had a go but got bored trying to resize the pictures and gave up.

Basically i needed abit more storage in my room but have no room to add more furniture so took to the workshop to cut down an old damaged four drawer chest and joined it to the existing one .

Some of you may be thinking given the nature of my work i should have made my own furniture, years ago i would of & did but i'm way past that and anyway the boat takes up all my creative space at present plus i can't make the furniture you see in the picture s below for what i paid for it.

Still after much faffing about i got the new chest in place and its bloody massive and way cheaper than buying a new unit plus its more than a good use of an old knackered one - admittedly it needed abit of a wax and polish but as always it tastes pretty good when its free, still i wish the air temps would improve abit then i could get on and do something boaty.

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