Thursday, 5 February 2015

Right thats my desk tidy, now what?

This weather's getting me bored, more bored than i've been in a while, works....... well what its been the last few years; up then down although i may have a contract to go to in a couple of weeks which may even be a couple of months long so fingers crossed.

Its just when the weathers no good for boat work and i've got no paid work i start doing silly things like that ikea hack yesterday, even tidied my desk - fuck i'm bored!

Right so today i decided to fire up the gas fire in the shop and bond up the rest of the corner modules so i've something to do when the weather turns and i can epoxy without having to get up four hours early to switch the heater cupboard on to warm it.
One thing i hadn't noticed is all the corner pieces have crept, so some are way past 90 degrees, although wrenching them about with various types of clamps when gluing them shows its possible to pull them back into shape so i'm not too fussed.

Once the starboard sides in i've decided to move to the forecabin and do what i've got to do there so out with the old water tank create a hatch or four in the moulding to maintain access and storage under the berth as its huge and want a bit of that action.

Still deliberating whether to close off the fore cabin with a bulkhead to the height of the v-berth so like a permanant infill then widen the opening to that cabin making it a bit of a 'snug' that would create a huge storage space in what is now the infill bit. To make this work would mean turning the main saloon door into a bi-fold which i dont mind one bit its just not the prettiest thats all.

Then the heads, saw a cracking idea on a Nicholson 35 for sale on where the back of the space behind the toilet is one giant curve, this works great as its in-keeping with the current 'theme', that of deco-ish /70's curves. Plus also thought it makes the space a lot more hygenic as cleaning is  easier, for that reason i'm moving more towards a Lavac vacuum heads as the pipe work can be tidied away behind an access panel thus creating a pleasant place to 'hold court'.

It was whilst alleviating the boredom this lunchtime i came across a Westerly Chieftain on ebay with a starting bid of £2k, i sat there staring at the picture below thinking what a great little boat for someone.

Knowing these stout little ships can pretty much take you anywhere i wondered if this is just a reflection of the current economic times and the prices will return (one day) back to their historic norms of £8 -12K or is this indeed the new paradigm of the £2K Westerly.

Ginger Kid.

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