Friday, 13 March 2015

A catch up.....

Got an email from Dylan Winter yesterday to tell me the first part of the trip i did with him and Jon Roots is online. This was the orientation sail i did with Dylan around the Solent and a couple of other places to get used to he boat and each other.

I understand he's editing my 'Cooking with Roger' segment aka 'one hundred things you never knew you could do with chilli pesto & eggs' - this i did whilst we sailed oop north along the east coast so looking forward to that and the great memories it'll bring back.

Although for sheer talent in adverse conditions neither myself nor Dylan could top Jons's culinary genius in this department.

Regards my boat i will start Saturday with a clean up on outside and then finish the cockpit with an eye to barrier coating the decks, coachroof and cockpit lockers, basically anything thats ply and glass will get six hits of wests and 422 additive.

They'll then be ready for priming then back inside once the power tools are home to fit the interior, all this though is a little way off as i've been offered another carpentry contract by my current employer that'll take me to end of May beginning of June which is just dandy for the project.

I can see that GN Espace cooker getting ever closer folks, although i can only imagine if Jon ever graces my boat what he'll cook up (if i do get one) based on the creations he made on Dylans 'napalm atomiser-device' ........sorry i mean alcohol stove, for my eyes were never quite the same after that trip.

Ta tar.

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