Monday, 18 May 2015

Not really boats though is it Rog?

True, but i'm trying out different ideas on the van that are directly applicable to the boat such as fitting led lights which took a great deal of head scratching. Mainly due to the fact i know nothing of the voodoo that is electricity, still like alot of things in my world i got there in the end.

Figured it would be good practice for the boat so dug out my multimeter and re-learned a few concepts via the internet and some youtube vids on wiring. The led lights themselves are quite bright and since all six only use 0.75 amps - was quite impressed.

Another boat-related activity is fitting a VSR and second battery which i want to do so i can charge tool batteries and phone and keep some food onboard, this means i'm truly mobile should i work away from home and save a few quid along the way.

Having priced a few things the grand total for cables and bits is somewhere around the £250 mark so will build the system into some custom cabinets i'll make soon, at present i want to get the rubber flooring down over the new floor i fitted just a month ago as its started falling apart already!

If i could take it out and get a refund i would but i can't so the best i can do is cover over and make good, another one of those modern day Grrrrs! 

Still the rest of the van looks pretty usuable.

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