Friday, 10 July 2015

That glazed expression

It happens alot, more times than i care to admit, stood at the bench in my shop going how the hell am i gonna make that, hence the title, i'd glaze over abit, put some gnarly prog on, (maybe some Egg or early Soft Machine) nothing like a Rhodes played manically to get the synapses firing.

Thats normally what happens..........................(inspiration takes many forms).

With the windows the intention was always to fabricate my own but after two goes since 2011 the last attempt being 2013, the inspiration just hadn't stuck, i think a combination of poor material choice and crap quality router cutters did a lot to park it up in the back of the cupboard but what with the clock ticking and the need to get things going it was a reluctant priority having got a week off work.

I always wanted them trimmed out in wood (cabin side) so whatever i did there would be timber involved, originally i made a set out of marine ply to then be glass sheathed and veneered in oak a heap of work on top of an already heap of work repairing the ply from the various worn and cheap cutters used to make them.

Still, having a couple of lengths of white oak on the floor of the shop i cut and glued one frame up to see if it'd work, ironically using one of the old ply frames as a template for the bearing cutter to follow, it all went swimmingly so having made the basic frames for the other three i set about making the outers.

Some may recall the utter mess that was my attempt to batch laminate all four frames worth which resulted in me smashing them apart with wedges and large hammers, still after i re-made these plates of 'glass' individually i had a great basis to work from.

I machined these much like i would timber the difference being the rebate cutter and one of the bearing cutters now have concave profiles to them, to say epoxy is tough is putting it mildy. I'm gonna chance my arm today (Friday) and see if i can get the other two made without buying more hardware.

Early results indicate i may have got there although theres plenty of finishing still to do to them, next on the hit list (realistically on the next break from work) will be the cockpit coamings.


Derek said...

I looked at this last night Roger and it got me thinking about how I am going to go about the same job. I have been thinking of setting the windows directly onto the outside of the coach roof as was done on my old Dofour1800 but I'm not convinced. Your solution looks good to me. I also intended to use a wood trim on the inside.


roger ball said...

Derek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I'll PM yer.