Saturday, 29 August 2015

All in Harmony.

The goodship Harmony sails again! This time with ex-crew now owner Jon Roots, he of mystery 14 knots top-speed fame, a top sailing chef and all round great bloke, take some time to check out his excellent blog, my turn to helm.

The boats based in Largs and from the looks of it Harmony's getting some miles under her keels, i've also learned Dylans bought another Centaur so just goes to show the additive nature of these cracking little boats.

Just got to get mine in the water now so in the meantime heres myself Jon and Dylan sailing this great little boat all the way from Chichester to Anstruther, the trip de-brief at the end still makes me laugh.

I would do that trip again with those two in the blink of an eye - it was such a great laugh, with Jon's wit, Dylan's endless fiddling and my snoring we made a good team...........


Hairbear said...

I love the windows. I'm now wondering how to make something similar for my little Jouster; trouble is I don't have the skill or tools.

Ade said...

Hi Roger,
Great blog read from start to finish over a few weeks, what a stayer you are keeping it going for these years and not cracking/throwing in the towel. Looking fab already never mind when it's finished.
I'm an inland boater but for reference Dylan posted a post on the Canalworld Forum about an east to west crossing on the Leeds & Liverpool canal aboard his new centaur he put a KTL link up so that took me there I watched all his vid's of Harmony and a few others and that lead me here via a video name check! Love the salty stuff just never gone and done it currently staying in a farmhouse overlooking the Camel Estuary above harbour cove plenty of yachts about here. Now I'm interested to see if I can recognise a few 😀
Cheers for sharing

roger ball said...


Easily learnable, i didn't have a clue either using composites just persevered really, the wood bit requires a jigsaw and a router other than that a bit of cloth, epoxy and lots of swearing!


Thanks for looking in, great to hear you're a fan of KTL, Both Dylan and Jon are top blokes, i knew the Centaur bug had bit Dylan when sailing with him, i've been watching the prog on channel 4 of Tim West and his wife Prunella Scales aboard a canal boat and definately see the appeal of going inland.

Good luck with the boat spotting!


Shame it didn't work out building those boats, know what you mean about taking ages to suss out where to put things then make them, i live that everyday i work on mine, thanks for looking in.

Ade said...

Knock Knock anyone home? :)

roger ball said...

Yes Ade, home today (Monday) then not sure bout the rest of the week, currently gutting the forecabin ready for the new arrangement, have just come in for a cuppa having templated the old berth base.

Then cut it out and fit the new. Will update soon.............


Ade said...

Fab news Roger, no pressure like..
mouse is poised so to speak, in anticipation.