Thursday, 29 October 2015


I'm nowhere near the shed, so have consoled myself with finishing the contract first, (should be end of the year beginning of next) then crack on with the boat afterwards, plus it beats biting my nails down to the quik trying to figure out how to progress with no money in the bank.

Still,this came in from Eric a couple of days ago, what d'you think?


Unknown said...

Well next year ain't far away. 👍😀

Cannot see what Eric sent you (on an iPad) - revised sail plan?

Keep well.

roger ball said...

Hi Norman i have exactly the same problem with the site on my own phone (Nokia 640) i'll try and figure it out, but yep its the final rig design, i'll post a picture of it in the project photo album.

Give me a couple of minutes


Unknown said...

yIp can see it now.😀👍

Remind me why you want to change the sailplan?

Went into your photo album too (forgot bout that) spent fr too long in there!!

You have done an amazing amount of work

roger ball said...

That's great, glad you can see it. Yeah the reason really for changing the sail plan was to get going quicker in light airs, plus from my years mucking about in high performance dinghies, like 505's, int 14's and the like, I love asymmetric kites and fat mains so thought it would be a laugh to put that kind of rig on a centaur and see what happens.

Cheers for looking in.

Unknown said...

Thanks for that 👍