Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Nothing then Something.

Had a couple of days off as i was seeing a great band in Bournemouth last night so i planned ahead  - frivilous i know, & bought a couple of sheets of MDF, one 18 and one 25mm all in aid of making a supersized former to make the remainder of the curved components for the interior.

The original one got completely annihilated when making the corner pieces for the galley modules so seeing as theres still a load of pieces to make i thought i could use the free time making something more durable. 

Also the fact there are a zillion more jobs to do i didn't want it occupying bench space so set about building it into the boat shed, the only conundrum was how big to make it?

An answer came swiftly as i want to make the inside of the coachroof and underside  of the sidedeck in one piece - this measuring some 2.4m long and about 450mm x 450mm so that was the benchmark. Although because of the nature of bending timber along its grain it'll still be made of two separate 1200mm pieces it means i can do it all in one go.

I wont lie - i've had enough of living in the van and want to get on with the boat so by making these bits and pieces, when the time comes to get back on with the boat it should speed things up a little.

Well thats the plan anyway.

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Unknown said...

Just found this as I was not expecting you back this year (2015), working on the yacht that is.
Look forward to catching up with your progress.👍