Monday, 11 January 2016

Back to business.

Spent the weekend getting the stringers in the hull, they're all in now, just need to glass them in, was hoping to do this today but got sidetracked knocking-up endless amounts of cabosil-thickened polyester to make the gert great fillets with.

Still all done now, cant do much tomorrow but Wednesday i'll jump back on it get busy with the Wests and cloth to get it all fixed to the hull. I wasn't initially impressed with the corecell when i bought and used it to make the bulkheads back near the companionway as it had a tendency to twist even though each side had been sheathed.

But what can't be denied is how light this stuff is which kinda compels me to use it up front either side of the tank and the anchor locker compartment too. Think theres almost two whole sheets and loads of large offcuts so where its not structural i will use it up for compartments and lockers. The main bulkhead and heads i'll keep to the original 12mm marine ply spec.

Still feels good having binned the lot over the Christmas hols, normally after one of these 'Gulp' moments i spend a couple of weeks aftewards with a dodgy gut thinking what have i done? But not this time seeing as theres no rotten ply, pine, hardboard and everything thats fitted is set to a laser level.



Unknown said...

Roger You have amazing stamina and fortitude to rip out and start again.

Hat off.

roger ball said...

Maybe, but it just didn't look right, plus the amount of rotten structure that I discovered kinda validated the decision and was also what got me banned for life from you know where. Apparently you cant criticise Westerly's build quality in the UK no matter how much rotten crap you pull from one of their boats.