Saturday, 13 February 2016

Meanwhile, back in eco town.............

Paid work carries on, bloody freezing it is too at the moment, still - it all pushes the project on a little further so can't whinge although i find myself thinking how did we industrialise the world when watching this total shower balls up the construction of 90 houses in the Oxfordshire countryside, but thats another forum and website.

Still i got as far as cutting and assembling the new v-berth bunk frame before i returned to paid work, did this in Sapele but as with so much timber these days the quality is pretty terrible so will spray white as the scheme forming in my head is White and Oak. 

I found myself having yet another moment of inspiration like the epiphany i had over Christmas which is to convert my garaage to a spray shop. The main reason being theres shed loads to paint and the garage is a much smaller space to heat for the paint to dry plus theres little in there of any use apart from the airline and my bench.

So the next job when finished up at Bicester will be to empty out this space and re-purpose it for the job at hand.



Ade said...

Not a Kier site by any chance!.

roger ball said...

Na Ade, Willmott Dixon are managing the build.............i say managing more strutting around like self-congratulatory peacocks whilst the entire project goes to ratshit.

As a wood butcher of some 20 years experience I've yet to work for a more incompetent, complacent, arrogant officious bunch of twats than Willmott Dixon.

Kier,.................rings a bell, they're the idiots that forgot the weight of the books when building the British library in London didn't they? And then did it again when building a shopping mall down the road from me in Bournemouth (Castlepoint) where they forgot the weight of the cars building a double deck car park.

You couldn't make it up?, Based on what i witness on site in Bicester you gotta question the intelligence & competency of the guys running these companies, and for my money its getting worse when, as i found out Friday, a guy that who was my labourer has now been promoted to junior site manager, i mean wtf's that all about?!!! No background, no quali's and more importantly no common sense but hey, your hired!

Eventually these clueless pricks make it up the greasy pole of management and get to run multi-million pound projects and know not why hence the mess the Eco town project is in at present.


Ade said...

Ah Willmott Dixon there's another been a few years since we worked for them in Bristol, currently Kier in Bristol again are worse! We would pull the plug now if we could. Financially we are not much better off finishing the contract than pulling out and paying the penalties! National building companies eh! I think your labours upgrade is far from unique!

Unknown said...

Great progress.