Monday, 1 February 2016

Thats better.

Looking a bit more ship-shape up front:

Spent today tabbing the bulkheads to stringers doing the final run around both cutting and overlapping cloth so now all tied together and currently post curing with an infra red heater, all nice and strong. 

Tomorrow I'm gonna repair a couple of parts of the deck i damaged getting all the old guts out and whack abit of fairing compound around what i did today.



Adventures of Salacia said...

Beautiful work....what is amazing is how clean you keep everything. My refit constantly looks like a dust bomb went off!

Unknown said...

Looking very good.

roger ball said...

Cheers guys,

I try to keep things fairly orderly as i get quite demotivated when theres a lot of crap and tools everywhere although to be honest alot of the time the workshop looks a disaster area after ive made something but i'm getting better.