Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Meanwhile four months later.................................

In truth i wish i had more to show but just haven't really, the joinery for the forepeak has been made and broken down currently in the paint shop awaiting lacquer and paint, the beams have been fastened to the foam bulkheads with A2 screws and thickened epoxy resin.

Spent today doing a few bits of paid work in the shop and inbetween sanding down all the pretty bits of the forepeak ready for basecoating. Other than that not a lot to tell, this is where i was at this afternoon with everything removed waiting to go back on. 

All the athwartships beams that are pattressed through the bulkheads are back on permanantly, still loving the epoxy resin, interestingly had an icing bag full of the stuff burning my hand - it was that hot - and yet still totally usuable, absolutely kicks arse.


Ade said...

Good to see some progress Roger , now let the fun commence! Hoping for more soon.

roger ball said...

Yep me too Ade, just going over paint specs today, looks good as its touch dry in 15-20 mins, sandable in 30-40 mins & recoatable in 60 mins, this is how paint should be in my book. Still doing paid work in between all this which is a bit of a bind but such is life eh?

cheers mate

Unknown said...
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