Monday, 8 August 2016

Thanks google..........................

For totally fucking up all my project albums, yes Picasa Web Albums came to end last week and what did they replace it with? 

Why the piece of shit known as google photos of course, except the link that i was given displays all my albums randomly - making it infinitely more difficult to navigate.

Nice one google twats!!

Have spent an entire day today trying to figure out what i was doing wrong until about 8 o'clock this evening when I discovered the google photos forum, seems i'm not alone in thinking what a piece of shit Google Photos is!

Curiously most of the links in the text work but you cant access all the albums at once like in Picasa which was a gallery of albums all neatly labelled and organised chronologically - latest first. 

You gotta wonder what goes through the minds of these fucking nerds when they take something as easy to use and as multi-faceted as Picasa and replace it with a piece of software that looks and feels like it was designed for 12 year olds with a fraction of the features.

Don't be evil................................whatever!          


Ian said...

Don't hold back Roger. What do you really think?

I agree though. Software designers seem determined to find solutions non-existent problems and screwing it up in the process.

roger ball said...

This is what kills me about the modern age; change for changes sake. Picasa was an absolute gem to use, the functionality, the capabilities it had and all combined in a super simple user interface.

What replaces it, a piece of software that as my Gran would say is,"all hat and no cow" that's to say it superficially looks good but has does nothing. And what's with back office software looking all minimal and slick, save that for front end applications. I got so cheesed off trying to navigate the massively limited dashboard I realised the developers had inadvertently made google photos a memory exercise seeing as its all drop downs and hidden menus. Honest to fuck what's the point when its back end?

It doesn't have to be 'pretty'. If you think my above post is a bit salty and wanna laugh go take a look at the google photos product forum, I laughed my arse off reading the comments by some there who use it to make a living with who aren't getting anything meaningful back from the tech's there.
Why would you just switch off such a great piece of software when its replacement is a pile of shite.
We really are in the end times!😃

Ian said...

I had a look and yes the comments from complainers and apologists both great.

You are voicing my frustration with Microsoft products which just get larger larger for no real increase in useful functionality meaning that you need to buy larger and larger computers to the same performance.

roger ball said...

Another case for keeping Picasa; I had a work enquiry today and normally i'll send them the URL of my work album and say take a look, its a great way of giving a potential customer confidence in my abilities and a nice introduction / talking point.

But now with google photos i'm not so sure the potential customer would see my work and would probably spend an age looking for the right album - job lost!

I'm still mad as hell about what Google have done, and as you say its not just limited to google, i Had XP until 2014 and finally swapped to Win 7 in early 2015. Glad i never went to Win 8 or 10. It was only after an Aunt asked me to take Windows 10 off her new PC and put 7 on did i realise how out of touch these company's are with what real every day people use a PC for.
As mentioned in my post it seems all these vendors are designing for teenagers on tablets and mobiles and the rest of us can get stuffed.

cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, I compeletely agree with u, cuz I have the same problem! Its very uncomfortable now to use Google Photos, Picasa were a much better. By the way here very useful site where I always found the latest and newest versions of all soft!