Sunday, 11 September 2016

That was fun..........................I think?

Finally got done making a complete copy of every album so that they're all available once again in the public domain, spent from Friday evening until this afternoon doing it, god it was boring!

Still all they are are the pictures as to put in every comment from every picture from every album  in would take me until Christmas so apologies there, but thanks to Google i couldn't even copy and paste the old comments over as the pages the photos are in are locked even when i log in but hey tell Google.

Speaking of which most of the pictures that are linked in posts here on the blog do work its just you can't access them all in a gallery of albums in Google Photo's hence the need for a new album courtesy of Smugmug.

Now that's done i hope it draws a line under this bloody nightmare so i can get on with the boat, gotta be honest though this year's been a bit of a write-off in terms of getting anything major done so for the time being talk amongst yourselves and i'll be back in a tick.



Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed starting at the beginning again Roger, I remember you having the boat in front of your house for a while then the council making you move it. Shame about all the photo library work you have had to do but it's now very easy to progress through the build. Looking forward to some updates. Cheers

roger ball said...

Cheers Anon, yeah i too was amazed going back through everything back to day one. You're right though the Smugmug format makes everything more user-friendly but what a way to find out eh?
I don't want to that again anytime soon.

riverdump said...

The photos
are awesome.
And the work you are doing, well ..... wow. You are an artist sir.
Seems like sailing photos are coming next season?

roger ball said...

Hi RD and thanks.

Just re-configuring the shop and shed at present - the place is a mess from paid work, so the plan is (boat-wise) to regroup, refine then restart next year.

Got some killer ideas for both inside and out that i've made a start on, regarding sailing photos - you never know.............?

Watch this space.

Ade said...

Not been along in a while but now I have the suspense over Christmas to see these killer ideas!
Looking forward to it.

roger ball said...

Cheers Ade.

Giz said...

Hi Roger
I know you must have already seen this, but I think he's done a terrific job extending his Centaur by 36 inches:

You have to click on the 'translate' to get the most appalling English.

Great job though.



roger ball said...

Hi Giles,

Yep i'm familiar with the boat Tribull, his was one of the first Centaur-based sites i found when looking at what was possible with the design.

To say his is a 'little modified' is putting it mildly, just shows what you can do with them though.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to learning more - soon I hope.

roger ball said...

Yep soon enough Norm, just got back from a month in NZ - the jetlags killing me at the moment.

Maverick Lakin said...
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Anonymous said...

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roger ball said...

cheers Mark, glad you enjoy it.