Saturday, 1 July 2017


Thanks for the kind words, I have a couple of avenues to follow up that might restart the project but for the time being consider it over. That said I'm more than happy to answer any technical queries or any questions that may help you with your own projects. Cheers.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Speechless... You never even got to splash her... :-(

roger ball said...


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Best wishes for the future matey.. the blog has been fascinating.. onwards and upwards..

Derek said...

That's Bit of a blow Roger. Just as I am getting a bit more done. I have the long and hard about doing the same though.

roger ball said...

Yep i'm done.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

Roger, it's a shame, but I can understand your reasons.

Thanks for putting the time and effort into sharing everything.

Fair winds for the future.

Warren said...

Tough luck Roger.
Is there work for quality boat repair/ carpenter? In USA where I am (ex-U.K.), The large luxury market is booming and repairs and refits pay big $$$$. Has the U.K. Market collapsed? I was thinking of buying a boat in U.K. When I retire in a couple of years but hard to tell what's happening over there .
Good luck it what ever you do next.
Cheers Warren
Ps enjoyed you since Dylan trip!

roger ball said...

They're probably is, i need to look into what salaries are paid, the market for secondhand boats here in the uk has all but collapsed, knowing what i've spent on mine would get me an amazing boat around 35foot, still as mentioned before its all in the timing eh?


Ian said...

Well done for making a decision but what a shame. I really hope that at some point in the future you get to finish her but if not you have learned a whole load of new skills. I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Very best wishes. Ian

Ade said...

Cheers for the trip Rog, I kinda had an incling the faith was lost, but hey the stuff you have shared and wizardry and quality of work shown have been second to none on any blog I follow. I have really enjoyed being along for the journey. The reasons definitely stack up. Good luck with what ever you chose to do next. I hope a good salary comes your way soon, I think this blog is a great CV by the way and if I was a boat builder I would snap you up tomorrow! Good luck with tha sale also, your garden is gonna look massive compared to what your used to! Cheers

Unknown said...

Hi Roger

First of all I need to fess up that I lost the link your website for what seems like absolutely yonks. Now rediscovered (Yeah) only to learn of the grim hard reality of your current situation ( Boo).

It is certainly true you need deep pockets and motivation to tackle a project of this magnitude and I can only imagine how demoralising it must have been for you. This sort of project is never an economic proposition and has to be a labour of love. However without funds all you have is a millstone and you certainly have made the right decision to stop. It's a bloody shame as I am sure it would have been an epic and impressive boat once completed to your high standards.

Get rid of the millstone and get yer life back.

I wish you all the best for the future, you deserve every success.👍

Norman B

Anonymous said...

We will miss you

roger ball said...

Thanks to all of you for the kind words, its weird as i cant quite bring myself to dispose of it. Conflicted - most definately but for time being it'll stay put in the garden just in case my (financial) situation changes.

Again many thanks.

Giz said...

Roger I am so sad about the end of the mighty project! I have been following you with admiration for years. Incidentally I have been following Dylan for years too and was amazed when you two linked up for the great adventure.
As a Centaur owner and dreadful workman, I have a boat which I maintain just to the extent of having a reasonably safe but tatty plaything. I enjoy going down to the boat for a fiddle and there are endless projects which I constantly put off - if it isn't absolutely necessary, don't do it, is the mantra. So I stand in awe at your determination and pluck. It's very brave to take on a project like yours with no end in sight, but what with the keels and the interior strip out and rebuild, the engine, the insulation and all the other bits and pieces you have been doing to a really classy extent, you must be quite close to a conclusion. That is if you can bear to take a short cut or two - then you can go sailing in style!
I suppose what I'm saying is hang on to her, give it a moment and perhaps you'll finish - we all want a happy ending!
I'm 64 and have worked in the gig economy all my life. With your amazing abilities it can turn around and give you income and great satisfaction.
Anyway, thanks for all your work which we have vicariously enjoyed. Best of luck with whichever path you take!

JimP said...

Sorry to read this but happy for you as it's a big decision and well made.
As you say - park her in the garden and ignore her for a while.
I have started and abandoned my Pageant project 3 times over the last 10 years.

roger ball said...

Giles - Cheers for the kind words, thats pretty much where i'm at, i'll probably fire it all up again next year. At the moment paid work is making it all but impossible, but it does cost anything to have it sat in the garden so who knows.

Jim - i think this is retirement number three so hopefully fourth time lucky (at some point).