Wednesday, 1 August 2018


I realise most are broken on this blog courtesy of Google when they (for reasons best known to themselves) retired a perfectly great bit of software called Picasa Web Albums to replace it with the massively dysfunctional Google photos.

So with that in mind and from a number of emails in recent times asking me to re-instate the links and pics i have added two links in the right hand margin; one titled 'Keels' the other titled 'Hot Vac System'. Also there's a link on the WOA wiki site of how i built the hot vac system here.

This i hope should help flesh out what i did, apologies for the lack of annotations to the pictures they were all lost when Google had their brainwave plus to go through nine years of ramblings sorting every link would drive me insane.

And for the last time, no - my hot vac systems are not for sale or borrowing thanks.


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