Sunday, 5 January 2020

If you want pictures go next door.

Seriously, I've archived - by year and job all the google photos albums over at, a sister site i've set up where, if you don't want to wade through my ramblings you can find most stuff by year and picture. I did something similar on facebook but then a mate of mine pointed out not everyone's on facebook hence this new site.

I've redirected the link in the right hand margin called PROJECT ALBUM to this sister site. Of course all this convoluted bollocks is made entirely possible by google who it seems launch a new app or software to great fanfare and applause then quietly bin it when it hasn't made them enough money in ad revenues causing utter devastation to those using it.

Google photos being the brilliant example of this and the era we're in of solving a problem no one had in the first place, (binning picasa) then causing utter chaos trying to migrate to something else, (normally for a fee) or sorting a work-around to keep things going like i have.