Sunday, 19 April 2020

Experiments in Paint.

Finally figured out how to make the lacquer finish i need as i can't purchase any from my usual supplier because of lock down so spent the last couple of days making paint cards (a piece of veneered MDF) to test different mixes to match the original finish

For a lacquer sold as 'Matt' it has a lot of shine to it hence the need to match pieces i sprayed three years previously. So after much dicking about with matting agent, mixing cups and many syringes i got it there or thereabouts at around 10-12% matting agent in a pot of Matt lacquer to match Morrells formulation

So now that's figured out, and quite a bit cheaper than Morrells i'm waiting on a delivery of PU adhesive, structural adhesive (Plexus) & some consumables from China so i can build up the compression post and fit that into the boat, from there everything else follows.

In the meantime I've elected to make a series of rounded corner posts required throughout the boats insides until the deliveries turn up.

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