Saturday, 13 June 2020

The saloon (part one).

I ummed and arghhed for a while deciding how to lay it out but eventually settled on the revised idea of sink & icebox to the left of the saloon door and oven plus a small drawer unit to the right. This is the most versatile layout i can come up with so you still have to sea-berths down either side and then with some rather spiffy joinery on my part pull the respective bunk fronts out and infill with the respective back rests and have a giant double, 8.5ft x 5ft.

This way, if your intimately acquainted with one another you can go for the giant double option and if not you can sleep separately along the boats length on either side. I will admit to wasting half a day with the laser and measuring tape working it all out and then quietening the voices of doubt in my head. 
The only slight disappointment was building out the sink and icebox side as the icebox to the hulls shape, once insulated is now tiddly but i have an idea to commandeer part of the port side cockpit locker by framing it up and insulating to make an aux store (see booze locker). With the next bit of free time i'll start building out the starboard side. Cheers.


SJM said...

Roger, it is really good to see that you are back in action. How strange that I had a notion to check out both your site and Dylan's this evening after what must be nearly a year of me not trying. Perhaps you show us all that something positive and good can come out of this pandemic? As ever your workmanship looks superb,so I am sending you positive vibes and best wishes for your Centaur, and life generally. All the best Stuart

roger ball said...

Cheers Stuart and thanks for looking in.

JimP said...

So glad to see you're at it again.
I've been awful - but now dragging G An'T under cover - keels off, etc.

Keep up the great work.