Sunday, 12 July 2020

Slow motion.

One thing i haven't quite got used to is how long things take to do. Sure, working on your own is one giant ball ache but coupled with waiting for epoxy to 'kick' so you can get on spraying then fitting things is just doing my head in. 

So even though i have my new super ace epoxy i'm going to give their 'rapid repair' product a go as it promises to cure in 1 -2 hours. I could of course get on doing other bits in the saloon which I have but as mentioned before there's an order in which everything goes together in this project so I'm a bit hamstrung in some jobs.

Still we'll see later on this week when 10kg of the 'rapid' variety should be delivered. I think its the lack of interest in doing the work if I'm honest and having to hang around waiting for stuff to go off that's killing me at the moment, just got to get the boat done. The port side of the galley is in the paint shop getting sprayed so i can still building up the port side settee.


Andrew Van Dyk said...

Looking good. Feels like a big change to get the "furniture" in like that. Especially the galley, since it's often a well used part of the boat.

Agreed that things always take wayyy longer than it seems possible. After 11 years of working on my boat, I still haven't gotten over the difference between how long I imagine something to take versus how long it actually takes.

roger ball said...

Thats true, theory vs reality i found is miles out with me and this project, still, it should look good when done.


Rich said...

Hey Roger,
Great work (as usual), unfortunately I do feel inadequate when I see it!

Do you have a link to where you bought that stainless sink? It looks ideal for a small galley.

roger ball said...

Hi Rich,

No problem, heres the link. You'll need to copy and paste it into your browser:

I really wanted something around 300mm x 300mm but they were all like £150 - £200. It was over the top so bought this for £70 instead. Nice sink though and got a Bristan tap too:

They appear to have sold out but that helps.

Cheers Roger, and don't feel inadequate, just keep plugging away at it and i'm sure you'll get there. All the best!

Rich said...

Great stuff, that looks ideal, thanks a lot.

On your next update, if you have the time, would you be able to get some close ups / details on how you did the framing & the materials you used etc.

I've not seen many people do it the way you're, with most using whole sheets of plywood for everything, but your way looks super smart & I guess with the strength of the framing you can cut down on how thick the faces need to be?

roger said...
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roger said...

Just deleted the above as i already have an album of how i made the galley, link below:

The galley is essentially a 400mm base unit with a softwood 'ladder' frame bolted horizontally onto the top of the base unit and fixed to the top hat reinforcement on the side of the hull.

This then sections the icebox and sink separately with the compartments being built up separately and enclosed by the large panel you see in the pictures that got tabbed to the hull. This panel is 12mm thick with 6mm doublers wherever the panel contacted the hull and galley unit.

Rich said...

Cheers Roger, some great photos there. Must be nice to see her coming together, all the progress at this point is the really rewarding stuff that you can actually see.
Will you fitting the cooker just aft of the galley worktop?

If you're bored & want to see my 'working' refit then I have a blog here:

Sadly not its not quite up to your specs, but its all a learning process, I have the curse of having done it once I feel like I can go back and do a better job! I've done the same as you and gone to outboard shrouds and a new rig which necessitated a lot of reconstructive surgery down below.
All up now & looking forward to the first sail.

Next project is to try and make up some lightweight cabinets & bookshelves outboard of my settees. I may just wait until you do yours and then pinch the design haha.

roger ball said...

Cheers Rich

Na i'll be fitting the cooker to starboard of the main bulkhead door.

Just had a look at your project page, the MGC27, looks great mate - keep doing what you're doing, you've got skills...

JimP said...

Keep going - you know you want to...

Come over and see the state of mine if you want to feel good about yours!

roger ball said...

Hey Jim only just seen this message. Will definitely be popping over soon. I take it shes in the shed under cover now?