Sunday, 20 December 2020

Roll up Roll up!

Yes its time to sell everything, if you're interested email me at

ENGINE: (turnkey package)

1 x Sole Mini 29hp engine, this currently sells for £5450.40 I'm selling my one with less than an hour on the clock after a full service including new belts, filters, oils & coolant.

The engine package includes:

1 x Instrument Panel with all electrical connections
2 x black powder-coated 80 x 80mm mild steel angle engine bearers.
R and D marine, flexi-coupling & half shaft coupling (also black powder-coated).
1 x PSS shaft seal, (new, never fitted) 
1 x 1m long 25mm tapered prop shaft (new, never fitted)
1 x stern tube complete with new cutlass bearing fitted, 
3 metres of marine exhaust hose, 2 metres of water hose & flame resistant fuel lines &
1 x 53 Litre tek-tanks series C fuel tank complete with Wema sender kit fitted. 

If you were to buy that list of parts plus the engine you'd be looking at £7000

Engine Pictures here: 
Specification & Technical drawings here:

Can be seen running by appointment (preferably after Christmas)


INSTRUMENTS (never fitted, as new):

4 x Echopilot 'Bronze' units  £100 each  

More Instrument Pictures here:  

HEADS (brand new):

1 x Jabsco 29120-5100 Model £140.00 

More Heads Pictures here:

BOW ROLLER (never fitted, as new):

1 x 316L S/S double bow roller £225.00

More Bow Roller pictures here:

TANKS (never fitted, as new):

Fuel tank, 1x 55L, w/strap kit & Wema sender £150.00

Water tank 1x 55L, w/strap kit, no sender £150.00

Water tank 1x 43L, w/strap kit & elbow outlet £130.00 

More Tank pictures here:

MOULDINGS (to fit a Centaur):

1 x companionway hatch (old style) £100.00

1 x forepeak hatch £75.00  

1 x Lazerette locker lid £50.00

1 x Engine access hatch £50.00  

More Moulding pictures here:     


DECK HARDWARE (good condition):

1 x Pullpit in stainless steel £150.00

1 x Pushpit in stainless steel £150.00

1 x Boarding ladder/outboard bracket £250.00

More Hardware pictures here:

SPARS (good condition):

1 x Gold Proctor mast with spreaders (no rigging) £300.00

1 x Gold Proctor boom (no rigging) £100.00

More Spars pictures here:

If any of the above takes your fancy get in touch at

Thursday, 10 December 2020

The show's over.

Yep the boats in the skip, the sheds empty, just need to extract the gold sovereigns from the keels and they'll be gone too.

Forces beyond my control finally forced my hand plus the pandemic, (and we all know what we've got to look forward to economically over the next 3-5 years) plus the ever rising cost of materials and my ever growing apathy that's been with me the last 8/9 years all played their part.

The boat didn't go quietly, a partially severed index finger during the kill process temporarily postponed the inevitable, (saw jammed in the grp then released straight through my finger) but then got back to it a few weeks later finishing yesterday. For what its worth the hospitals around my way are all but deserted, where the media gets this 'crisis in the NHS' narrative from i dunno.

My arse didn't touch the seat in Bournemouth when i was called to be patched up then went for surgery two days later to have the tendons and and other bits reattached in Poole General, again very quiet and have physio at Christchurch which is also pretty empty, I couldn't fault the service. 

Still whilst chopping the boat up I observed the same structural problems i witnessed in 2015 sorting the fore peak that led me to pull my interior back out and remove the rest of the original interior. Another observation whilst slicing and dicing was how skinny and uneven the lay up was stem to stern; from the gunwale to waterline mine was no thicker than 6mm where as the deck was 15-18 mm solid laminate!   

There was never the same thickness of laminate from one side to the other but i guess it was all hand laid. I should point out the hardest pieces of structure to remove were mine; i now realize i went completely overkill, that front end could've taken a direct hit from an oncoming vessel and nothing would've broke.

That was the only part of the boat i pretty much through in the skip in its original form, everything else got chopped up to around 300mm x 300mm pieces to stack down in a 10 yard skip. For those contemplating doing the same a chainsaw is rubbish, a Sawzell (recip saw) with metal cutting blades works great along side a 4" grinder with a 1mm thick metal-cutting disc in. 

So what now?

Well I've been going through the parts locker, there is tons of stuff, the major piece being the engine which I've run up a few times in recent years and still only has 0.4 of an hour on it so will get the oils, filters, coolant and belts changed and get it advertised, should say if you're interested or know someone that might be then get in touch.

What else? There's..............well everything, instruments, hardware, full interior cushions (A- layout) various moulding's, mast, boom & spi pole, tanks, pumps, hoses, original interior fixtures, brand new heads, cooker etc. What i'll probably do is list everything here and on the WOA site with a guide price.

But other than that thanks for taking the time.